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Avoiding Math Problems

A common refrain on the homeschooling message boards I frequent is when a parent, usually a mother, comes asking about which math program she should switch her child to because the child just isn’t getting it.  It needs to be … Continue reading

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Exacerbating Asynchrony: Why Homeschooling 2E Kids Makes Sense

When I made the decision to homeschool my now 16-year-old son just prior to his second grade year, my main goal was to fix his academic problems, and the sooner the better.  I quickly came to see that, beyond remediating … Continue reading

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Beyond Joy: Balancing Challenge and Inspiration

Let me first say that I don’t believe in the joy of learning.  I think it is a myth propagated by people who don’t remember their own educations very well, or perhaps were never were truly educated.  Just because I … Continue reading

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Spoon Feeding vs Independent Learning: A False Dichotomy

A persistent myth in the homeschooling community is that independent learning is what all homeschoolers should strive for, and if you do it any other way, you’re “spoon feeding” information. I disagree. Some homeschoolers seem to believe that, especially during … Continue reading

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Favorite Resources: Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs

This post is the first of a series about favorite resources that we’ve used over the years.  In order to qualify as a “favorite,” we must have used the resource in its entirety.  Very few seem to retain a favored … Continue reading

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Third Grade Plans

My 8 year old son will be doing mostly 5th grade level work, with some accommodation for his 8 year old motor skills.  We are mostly doing the next level of things that worked well last year. Math: We will … Continue reading

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High School: Plans for Year One

My 14 year old son is officially entering high school this fall, though he did high school level coursework across the board last year as well.  Most of his courses this year will be at the 11th grade level and … Continue reading

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